Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer

Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer

Along with scorching heat and sultry days, summers bring a whole new set of problems for feet as they stay enclosed in tight shoes or footwear which doesn’t allow them to breathe. No one likes to have smelly and odd looking feet, right? Everyone loves to have feet that look- smell-feel good.

This is the time when your feet are more prone to a variety of fungal infections, blisters etc. So it is very essential for us to invest time in proper foot care, after all, they are the ones which keep us mobile. Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer and keep your foot healthy.

Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer
Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer

These best tips for foot care this summer will help you to take better care of your feet and avoid ugly infections, calluses, smelly feet and a host of other foot problems.

The Follow are the Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer

Wash your feet properly

  • Washing your feet properly every evening with soap and water often helps you to get rid of surface dust and dirt which can cause skin irritation and infections.
  • Most important foot care tip is never retire to bed without washing your feet

Effective foot care involves drying the feet well after washing, especially dry the areas in between the toes to avoid germ breeding.

Moisturise them twice a day

  • Moisturising is the best foot care tip ever which works wonders for the skin and helps you to have soft and supple feet
  • Do not use body lotion to moisturize the feet. Buy a nice moisturising foot cream.

Get rid of calluses and hard skin

  • Foot care regimen should involve exfoliation.
  • If your feet has calluses or hard skin, it is essential to remove it as it can devoid the underneath skin of moisture and can cause irritation.
  • Use a pumice stone of a foot file weekly once to get rid of hard skin and calluses
  • The same procedure works for rough patches of skin on the feet. Exfoliation and moisturisation are vital tips for foot care.

Trim your toenails regularly

  • Most of us are lazy when it comes to trimming toe nails on a regular basis. Trimming is as important for feet as it is for hand.
  • Trimming helps to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating under your toe nails and is an important foot care tip
  • Trim your toenails straight across. Never trim them at an angle or down the edges as this can cause ingrown toe nails.
  • Remove any dirt from under the toe nails and never ever cut the cuticles

Limit wearing high heels to a couple of days in a week

  • Wearing high heels regularly can affect the balls of the big toes and also lead to a host of other issues like back pain, sore calves, sprained ankles etc
  • If you love them too much, try to vary the heel height between low, medium and high
  • You might as well wear flats while you travel and change to heels once you reach your workplace.

Change your socks daily

  • Summers are nasty. They cause you to sweat more, and the feet get all cooked up inside those shoes, providing a perfect environment for bacteria to multiply.
  • Wearing the same pair of socks more than once in summers is definitely a bad idea! This will result in smelly feet and itchy skin.
  • Changing your socks daily is a really important step to be followed in foot care.
  • Prefer wearing cotton socks as they absorb the sweat better and keeps the feet dry.

Do not wear flip flops all the time.

  • Flip flops do not support the feet well and wearing flip flops often can cause arch and heel pain.

Apply sunscreen on your feet as well when you step out into the sun is one of the best tips for foot care

If you wear shoes, use a foot powder, go for a scented antifungal foot powder before your put on your socks. This will help in controlling bacteria/fungi and also protects you from smelly feet.

Soak your feet in warm water

  • Soaking your feet in lukewarm water is one way to pamper your feet.
  • This helps to remove dust and pollution and also eases your tired feet giving you a relaxing effect.

Invest in a pedicure

  • This is another way of pampering your feet and easing them of the wear and tear they face on a daily basis.
  • To make your pedi last longer, use a base coat and a top coat after. This also helps to prevent yellowing.
  • A nice foot massage works wonders for both the feet and you.

If you face swelling in your feet, soak them in ice water for 15 minutes and pat dry to subside it.

Of all, your feet are the most abused parts of the body. They of course deserve your attention and occasional pampering. Not to forget one thing, well cared for feet also have health benefits!

Remember that unkempt feet are not a pretty sight. Do take out a little time from your busy schedule to follow at least of few of these best tips for foot care this summer and enjoy the results you get!

The above are the Best Tips for Footcare in this Summer. Your foot was very important to walk, so takecare it with our tips.

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