7 reasons why a nap every day

7 reasons why a nap every day

Sleep is very essential for maintaining good health. One needs to sleep at least a solid seven to nine hours per night, and napping is also equally essential. It provides much relief from day to day pressures of life.

Napping has indeed several health benefits.

1. It does increase one’s patience

Those who have difficult tasks to perform during the day can take a nap in order to be patient to complete the work. They will feel refreshed and this will keep a check on their overall attitude. Sleep deprived person often tends to be impatient about things as he or she has not rested properly. A good nap helps to perform well in one’s tasks ahead.

2. One will be more alert

Napping improves alertness. The feeling of fogginess goes and one can carry out their work with ease and comfort.

3. Thinking about napping can lower one’s blood pressure

An actual nap is definitely beneficial and planning one is also equally beneficial. One feels calm when one thinks of taking a nap soon. The thought relaxes the mind. If one has arduous tasks ahead, the thought of nap before it lowers one’s blood pressure and relaxes the mind.

 reasons why a nap every day4. Memory improves

Napping improves one’s thinking process as well as memory. One can remember information better. Several studies have been conducted on this and they have shown that definitely, one’s memory power improves a lot. A relaxed mind can certainly think better and recall better.

5. Improves creativity

One can imagine better if one takes a nap. One’s mind is fresh and creativity is well generated. A tired mind cannot think well or visualize as well. Adequate rest is required. One can dream while taking a nap. In fact, many dreams do contribute to worthy creativity. Artists, musicians, singers and even other professionals need to take a nap to think better.

6. Regular naps prevent heart disease

Mid-day naps help in preventing heart diseases with homeopathy.

Napping enables one to deal with the stress of daily living better.

Also napping is considered to be part of the normal biological rhythm of daily living. The biological clock that indeed drives one to sleep and wakefulness has rather two cycles each day, and one of them does dip usually in the early afternoon. It is rather possible that not engaging in napping for some people might actually disrupt these processes.

One can maintain good health by napping regularly. It does break the monotony and also helps one recover from fatigue felt during the early hours of the day’s work. Many professional do take an afternoon nap

7. Taking a 10-minute rest is beneficial too

Can one sleep? If one is tired one does feel like having a nap. It helps to take a 10-minute break from daily routine and relax by taking a nap. By simply lying down for about 10 minutes one’s mood improves and even a casual nap does affect one’s body system positively.

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