5 Creative and Fashionable Bird Tattoos for Women

5 Creative and Fashionable Bird Tattoos for Women

Tattoos are very popular and bird tattoo designs for ladies are unique in their own way. Tattoo for girls on hand is worth observing for their special look and attractiveness.

Several women adorn themselves with bird-inspired tattoos. These tattoos are very delicate,  attractive and highlight certain specific traits that are inherent to women. Even girls go in for these tattoos and tattoos for girls on hand are unique.

It may be placed anywhere on the body but nevertheless, the typical bird tattoo on a woman will certainly inspire and attract a beauty. The tattoos symbolize freedom, nobility, beauty, love, and even elegance. It is but natural to admire tattoos for girls on hand.

Many women love bird tattoo designs on account of they being minimalistic with deep meaning. There is much to choose from as there are a plethora of bird species on this planet, having different traits. There plenty even for a tattoo for girls on hand and naturally both women and girls have much to choose from.

Bird Tattoo Interpretations

The intrinsic meaning of bird tattoos is much defined by the birds’ species, their personality traits, and the design the wearer does choose to adopt. Any given tattoo design is indeed basically meant to bring out one’s personality or even attitude. While some bird tattoo designs can be spiritual in nature, others turn out to be philosophical.

It has much to do with the artist’s or the bearer’s creativity. It is but obvious that bird tattoo designs for ladies are manifold.

Popular women bird tattoos: 


Doves are highlighted in the Holy Bible as emissaries of peace and love. Doves have been mentioned often mentioned in bible stories. The dove, in each of the stories, does inspire hope, spreads love, and teaches people of God’s grace. It brings out spiritual symbolism and represents purity, gentleness, and femininity.


An eagle is referred to throughout history as a bird that does fly high and does boast of great power when it does comes to hunting its prey. A typical eagle tattoo does represent strength, power, wisdom as well as spirituality. It may perhaps be a common tattoo design among men, but women also adorn.


The hummingbird symbol was indeed made use of by the ancient Aztecs in making talismans, which were meant to bestow plenty of strength and vitality to the wearer. In the Caribbean, more so in Jamaica, the hummingbird does symbolize beauty, grace as well as love. A hummingbird tattoo may indeed represent passion, energy, and vitality.

5 Creative and Fashionable Bird Tattoos for Women


Despite its small size, a lark does manage to reach out towards humanity with its beauty as well as spiritualism. It is in fact a popular design worn by tattoo lovers in Europe. The bird does symbolize the coming of dawn, good fortune, and the rise of great opportunities.


An owl happens to be a bird that does possess multiple personalities. It is considered to be a harbinger of death as well as misfortune. An owl tattoo represents the ability to understand the mysteries of life and the urge to continuously seek knowledge cum truth


These are of course popular bird tattoo designs liked by women. They are indeed very creative tattoos much inspired by other birds such as peacock, swan, crane, swallow, raven, ostrich as well as more. When well crafted, these tattoos do inspire beauty in women and tend to bring out deeper meanings in a very vibrant way.

Thus tattoos do express the innermost feelings and thoughts of the person who adorns them. They are in fact the best way to express one’s personality or attitude and women simply love getting one done on their bodies. Bird tattoo designs for ladies are spectacular.










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