16 Most Effective Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

16 Most Effective Ways to Get Pregnant Fast

1. Start tracking one’s menstrual cycle frequency

A woman needs to monitor whether her menstrual period has started on a fixed day every month or approximately has fallen on similar menstrual cycle days. On the contrary, her cycle may not be regular implying irregular cycle lengths every month. So, it is better to record this detail over a calendar in order to predict the ovulation i.e. the time when her ovaries will be releasing a mature egg every month.

2. Take supplements

Birth defects such as spina bifida can be avoided by taking prenatal supplements as recommended by one’s gynecologist. Start taking folic acid supplement 400 mcg (micrograms) daily at least two months before trying to conceive. It does need to be taken before conceiving for ensuring the healthy brain function of one’s baby. Always consult a doctor to get to know what all supplements are needed.

3. Maintain a healthy body weight

Being overweight or underweight can minimize the chances of conceiving. Having too much body fat tends to produce estrogen in high quantity interfering with the ovulation process. So, it is essential to shedding 5 to 10 percent of body weight before a woman actually tries to get pregnant and can improve her fertility.

Underweight women also experience irregular periods. They could have stopped ovulating being underweight. Ideal BMI should range from 20 to 25 for conception.

4. Stop Birth Control Methods

If one is planning a baby then it is advised to stop taking birth control methods a couple of months before. It will take some time for the body to see the natural menstrual cycle and it will also help in tracking one’s ovulation. It will take some time for hormone levels to get back on track after ditching the pills in case one is using oral contraceptives.

5. Find your stress remedy

Various studies do indicate that high-stress levels can indeed delay the pregnancy ability of the woman. It can also make one’s ovulation irregular or can interfere with the embryo’s ability to implant in the uterus. So, a woman must figure out one’s stress relievers. It can be from singing to watching old dramas. Whatever those remedy is, if it is fruitful in cutting down the stress then it will definitely help while one is pregnant or is a new mommy.

16 Most Effective Ways to Get Pregnant Fast6. Give up on alcohol and smoking

It is better for the woman to avoid alcohol and smoking when trying to conceive. A woman needs to stop taking alcohol even when she stopped making use of birth control as these habits can indeed create trouble in conceiving.

7. Discuss vaccinations with doctor

After ensuring one’s vaccinations are well-scheduled one can also wait for a month and then try to conceive. There are risks involved when one tries to get pregnant immediately after being vaccinated.

8. Enjoy sex every other day during the fertile window

The fertile window happens to be of six days interval and the five days before ovulation plus the ovulation day. These are the best days to conceive in a month when a woman is, in fact, most fertile. Women have started making use of new advanced technology tools such as fertility tracking apps as well as websites. These do help them to keep track when they are the most fertile and have high chances of conceiving.

9. Do not get disappointed

If one is unable to conceive in the first few months, then one need not really worry. Nearly 93% of couples are indeed able to conceive after trying for a year. So, one need not get obsessed with the idea from day 1 of the effort to conceive. Keep trying on the best days. One can make use of fertility apps such as Ela to identify the best days to conceive.

10. Get a photoshoot done with one’s partner

Photoshoot does help in strong bonding between the couple. So, it is good to take lots of pictures on one’s honeymoon and it is also time to take more pictures together now. One can also add pictures of one’s home and the place one met him first. One can capture everything that will remind one of the moments before pregnancy. It will also become a memory for one’s child to know how both parents were before his or her arrival.

11. Your partner go-ahead matters

One needs to keep in mind one’s partner’s welfare as well in mind. Both are together in this and even he needs to feel relaxed as well as happy. So, one does need to avoid pressurizing him. Performance anxiety is not helpful for baby making.

12. Talk to one’s Mother about pregnancy

One can take tips from one’s mother, aunts, and grandmothers who have experienced pregnancies. Several queries get answered. One can discuss the duration of pregnancy, what the complications are and how to take care of the baby after delivery. It is a smart way of brushing up the conceiving history of the family and also collecting all the relevant information.

13. Take Sperm boosters

It is essential for high chances of conception for the partner to keep his sperm healthy. It also implies following a balanced diet, no smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption and also maintaining a healthy weight.

14. Maintaining a fitness regime with regular exercise

Being physically active does help a woman’s body to prepare her for the demands of pregnancy as well as labor. But everything in excess can affect and interfere with the ovulation. Women who do exercise heavily have menstrual disturbances.

15. Cut down the caffeine intake

One needs to avoid heavy consumption of caffeine as it affects fertility. One must, in fact, start avoiding coffee before trying to conceive. It has been observed in a study that women who consumed more than an equivalent of one cup of coffee per day do have half the chances of conception as compared to the women who drank less. And during pregnancy, one must not overdo it as caffeine does interfere with the body’s ability to absorb iron. Also, excessive caffeine intake can cause dehydration. If consumed in high doses, it can also lead to miscarriage and preterm birth risk. Certain foods do increase the chances of conception.

16. Rest is a must

One must sleep well. It is difficult to get a decent sleep in the night during pregnancy as well as once the baby arrives. One might have some issues such as getting up to pee; heartburn and also adjusting side snoozing, which will keep one turning and tossing on the bed. Good sleep is essential for regularizing the ovulation.

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