15 Incredible Benefits of Arnica Tea

15 Incredible Benefits of Arnica Tea

What is Arnica Tea?

Arnica tea is from the blossoms of a perennial flowering plant known as arnica. It belongs to the Asteraceae (daisy) family and is, of course, related to sunflowers. The plant is naturally native to Europe. Arnica tea is indeed widely found in the United States.

Arnica tea is acknowledged native to the Arnica montana. It is also a pale yellow color and is included in cosmetic and dermatology products, such as soaps and shampoos, but only in minimal, diluted forms.

1. Boosts Immune System

It strengthens the immune system. It is useful for allergic reactions.

It can stimulate the production and make the white blood cells active. It contains antibacterial and antiviral properties of the flower that can improve one’s immune system.

2. Prevents hair loss

The Article oil contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins as well as fatty acids that can indeed boost one’s hair growth and also protective one’s scalp from infections. It prevents premature hair loss.

3. Gets rid of Dandruff

Arnica oil can protect one against inflammatory. It does cleanse the excess oil and sebum from one’s scalp, thus giving a natural shine to the hair. It removes dirt and oil from one’s scalp and it also does fight against dandruff and also lessens itchiness.

4. Treats Split Ends and Premature Greying

Since Arnica oil treats scalp infections. It can cure infections and thus this prevents premature graying. It prevents split ends. One needs to massage arnica tea or oil roots before going to sleep. Then wash the tea off and this will provide good nourishment to one’s hair follicles.

5. Treats Skin Infections

It improves the skin and gets rid of skin problems. It can treat skin problems such as eczema, itchiness and skin infections. One can use it to treat vaginitis and vaginal irritation.

6. Treats Frost Bites

Arnica oil is used to treat frost bites and can improve the condition.

7. Nourishes the skin

The oil can heal bruises, sunburns, minor burns as well as superficial phlebitis. It does contain compounds such as sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, carbonic acids, volatile oils and coumarins and so forth. It enhances the process of healing. The antioxidant does prevent signs of aging such as wrinkles as well as blemishes.

15 Incredible Benefits of Arnica Tea8. Treats Stretch marks

After delivery baby one has stretch marks. This can be treated by Arnica Oil

9. Relieves Pain

Arnica is useful for aching joints and muscles and provides much anti-inflammatory relief. It helps to heal. Analgesic properties reduce the pain.

10. Arthritis

As it has good anti-inflammatory properties it can treat arthritis. It can also stimulate the production of white blood cells which prevent joint pains. It improves hand function and decreases pain.

11. Reduces Stress

Arnica tea foot bath relax. It has soothing properties and it will indeed calm one down and reduce the stress level. One can massage with it to relax muscles that are tight and decrease stress. It is made use to alleviate feelings of depression as well as emotional stress.

12. Heals Bruises and Injuries

It is the natural stimulant. It has strained muscles as well as bruises and can stimulate circulation to affected areas. It helps in producing healthy new cells and heals up broken blood vessels. One can make use of it as a mouthwash or for gargling for treating sore throat as well as infections.

13. Antioxidant properties

Arnica tea can boot sesquiterpenes, thymol as well as other potent antioxidants. These antioxidants help in protecting one against chronic diseases, heart diseases and certain types of cancer.

14. Treats Bruises and Black Eyes

Another use of arnica is it can help decrease the appearance of bruises. One can apply it to black eyes.

15. Oral Health

Arnica mouthwashes are indeed very popular. It has bacterial as well as anti-microbial properties. It is good for oral health. One needs to gargle with it to keep one’s mouth in good condition.

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