About Us

G V Nagendra Kumar owns and operates Yabibo.com (Your Health is in your hands) which is India’s and US’s one of the Largest health Network. Yabibo Domain was registered in 2009, and work started from March 2014. Domain name recognised as a Premium Domain by Godaddy, Name.com and other domain registered companies. It is one of the fastest growing websites in country which also addresses the beauty and wellness needs of women. Yabibo provides simple health tips or guide to your everyday health.

We were looking for helpful and actionable Beauty and Health advice online and was surprised to see a lack of such content. There were a few good experts and bloggers who were writing about these but they were scattered across multiple sites. So we started Yabibo.com to be a one stop place for everything related to Beauty and health. People can find ready actionable advice for everything related to health and beauty – be it Home remedies, health tips, Diet and beauty care advice on common issues like acne, dandruff, hair fall, skin care etc

Yabibo writers are experts on their respective subject matter and all posts go through rigorous checks by experienced editors to ensure that you are getting the best out of every read.

We believe that whatever the religion, caste, creed, Humanity stand first, we are aware of the huge expenses which incurs if someone hospitalized, so “Prevention is better than cure” follow simple step of life and save your hard earned money in paying huge bills of corporate Hospital, In yabibo blog we try to post authentic information in very simple and easy article/post so that everyone can understand and follow them to be stay healthy, happy and fit.