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Top 10 Most Pretty Roses In The World

Roses one of the most popular flowers of all times. This perennial shrub is probably the greatest popular flowering plant in the floristry. It is widely grown for its versatility, beauty, and fragrance. Rose with its combination of thorny stems and fragrant blooms is considered as a symbol of achievement and perfection. Some varieties of the beautiful rose flowers are closely packed while some have lost their petals. It comes in different types of colors like red, orange, pink, black, purple and even green.

Types Of Beautiful White Roses:

Belinda Musk Rose:

Belinda Musk Rose, Beautiful roses

This species of rose has been cultivated for centuries. Belinda Musk Rose is native to the Middle East. It contains a 5 petaled single flower, bearing a strong musk-like a scent. You may like: Beautiful Orchid Flowers

Hybrid Tea:

 Hybrid Tea Rose, Beautiful Roses

Hybrid tea rose blooms usually what come to mind when most anyone thinks of roses. These beautiful high centered beautiful blooms are what many give or receive from friends or loved ones. These beautiful rose blooms can help express Love, Joy, Peace and Sympathy good than most words could possibly say.

Ferdinand Pichard:

Ferdinand, Beautiful Roses

Ferdinand Pichard rose is its wholly rare color. It appears like painted by the Impressionists! With mere splashes of crimson, to begin with, the rose turns white and the crimson color deepens.

Floribunda Rose:

Floribunda Rose, Beautiful Roses

Floribunda rose is a cross between tea rose and polyantha. Each stem produces clusters of large size, double petaled blossoms. The term floribunda was coined by Dr. J.N. Nicholas, a hybridizer for Jackson and Perkins. A floribunda rose comes in a wide variety of colors like white, pink, red and yellow. The first floribunda rose was “Gruss an Aachen”, which is still very popular today.

Gallipoli CentenaryRose:

Gallipoli CentenaryRose

This rose not only looks beautiful, it has won tremendous awards in Australia and overseas for disease tolerance and hardiness

The Gallipoli Centenary Rose awards including an international gold medal and Best Shrub and a Bronze Medal at the National Rose Trial Garden of Australia.

Moss rose:

Moss rose, Beautiful Roses

Moss rose flowers named for the moss-like growth on their sepals, which gives off a pine like smell whenever we touched. This rose is a genetic mutation of Centifolia and Damask rose. The shrub bearing this rose grows up to a height of four feet. This rose flower is not specifically robust and is grown primarily for its significant beauty.

multiflora rose:multiflora rose, Beautiful Roses

Multiflora rose originated from Asia and listed as invasive in Northeastern United states. This species of rose originally introduced to help with soil erosion and hedging. Multiflora blooms yearly every spring and autumn. It is used as a rootstock for grafted rose flowers.

 Polyantha Rose:

Polyantha Rose, Beautiful Roses

Polyantha rose flowers characterized by sprays of small blossoms held above the foliage like a cloud. The first polyantha “Paquette” introduced in the year 1875. It is a cross between China rose and the dwarf version of Rosa multiflora. Some common examples of Polyantha are The Fairy and Cecile Brunner.


 Gallica, Beautiful Roses

The Gallica Rose Flowers are probably the oldest of all garden type roses. They mostly grow by the Greeks and Romans. In the 17th century the Dutch started to breed latest varieties, and later the French continued their development on a huge scale.


Damask, Beautiful Roses

Damask generally an old garden rose Flower, which blooms in Syria and introduced in the Europe in the 16th century. These rose flowers are white to deep pink in shade. These winter hardy roses have a tall, arching and thorny cane. This rose is very fragrant, Beautiful and is utilized in the perfume industry.


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