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Seven Side Effects Of Protein Supplements

Seven Side Effects Of Protein Supplements

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Protein supplements are high in interest among people who want the healthy body. There are mainly three types of protein powders available- whey, soy, and casein. Before attempting protein supplements, you must know which powder suits your body. Even though there are many side effects of protein supplements, you can find some health benefits of protein supplements as well.

The main advantage of the protein supplements is that you can get all the nutritional ingredients that the body needs at a faster pace. It is also very convenient and readily available. If you want some excess amount of protein apart from that obtained from the diet, you can want to use the best protein supplement suited for you.

Some of the health benefits of protein supplements are an improvement of overall health, brain function, and muscle building. You can get proteins that are needed by your body without cooking. In no time, you can get all the proteins you need. Despite the health benefits of protein supplements, there are some side effects of protein supplements too. Here, let’s have a discussion on seven side effects of protein supplements.

Digestive problems

One of the main side effects of protein supplements is the digestive problem that comes with its use. Protein supplements come with several proteins that you need for a healthy body, but it lacks fiber. Due to the lack of fiber, digestion would not take place properly. It may cause many problems like constipation, diverticulitis, etc. Doctors don’t recommend a long-term intake of protein supplement for people who have digestive problems.

Seven side effects of protein supplementsCancer Risk:

According to studies, it is decided that soy protein supplement comes with a high quantity of phytoestrogens, which may increase the likelihood of breast cancer. Too much of phytoestrogens is not good for the human body. So, take soy protein addition only in a limited quantity.

Toxic Heavy Metals:

In a recent survey, it was found that many protein supplements contain traces of poisonous heavy metals. Samples of various protein supplements showed that intake of the small quantity of such toxic substances for an extended period may lead to health problems, ranging from a headache and constipation to cancer.

Risks For Kidneys:

Kidney problems may arise if protein supplements have consumed in the large quantity. Kidney has to break down the proteins that enter our body, and if you already have the kidney problem, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming a protein supplement.


Even though you have protein supplement that would give more energy to your body, you may lack other nutrients that have included in the supplement. Protein supplements can’t deliver all the nutrients that whole food could provide.

Muscle Wastage:

Now, it is the standard practice to take protein supplements to get active and attractive muscles. But this is a critical practice long term. It will eventually result in muscle wastage and other problems.


Some people are allergic to milk. Such people are not advised to take whey or soy protein supplements in high amounts. It will result in allergic reactions like itching, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

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