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Top Most Female Sports Celebrities In India

Female Sports Celebrity saina Nehwal

Female Sports Celebrities are always in lead. But India Sports have always been identified with men. Women who live in this country are not encouraged to participate actively in sports! The conditions of women in India who practice sport are lower than those of the international examination. Here is a …

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Top 5 International Makeup Artists

Pat mcgrath makeup artists

Here are the world’s Top 5 international makeup artists who are identified for their participation in creating beauty through cosmetics.In the world today, fashion is not only limited to celebrities or page 3 glitterati. Nowadays, anyone with a sense of style and “what looks good” has a choice of options …

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Princess Charlene Of Monaco Beauty, Fitness And Makeup Secrets

princess charlene of monaco

Her Clear Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco, wife of Prince Albert II is admired by all for her elegant fashion style. She has the most athletic, fit and well-toned body amongst the princesses of all the Royal Courts. Adapting her style from base Bulawayo-born beach babe to appropriately attired royal …

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Celebrities With Beautiful Tattooed Eyebrows

Eyebrow tattoo

Do you like having an eyebrow tattoo? Want to display your eyebrow tattoos wherever you go? Eyebrow tattoos are modern, and some high-end celebrities have also had! Do you want to know who they are? Here you can find the information related to celebrity tattoo eyebrows. Do you Know About …

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Top Most Popular Celebrity Kids In India

The below celebrity kids appearing so cute. The celebrities have impressive personalities and are carried with momentum and panache. They become sought-after personalities because of their status and career attributes. They become very popular and have a huge following fan. Their status is carried over to their descendants and they …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Sarees Looks

Indian Bridal Sarees

Indian bridal sarees always looks amazing. There are two kinds of Indian brides. The first category includes the coy, blushing bride who has dreamed of a big fat Indian wedding for as long as she can remember. Hunt for ideas, she crazy in magazines, browse online, and check out the …

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Amazing Makeup Tips When You Wear a Coral Dress

coral dress makeup

Do you need to replicate the summer’s raging coral dress makeup? Well, you need to accessorize this beautiful dress with the perfect makeup. The best thing about a coral dress is that it balances every skin tone and hair color. However, to do this varied look justice, you have to …

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Top Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

Miss World Winner

The Miss World Winner is one of the most beloved beauty pageants amongst the Big 4 international glamor pageants. The Miss World beauty pageant started in 1951. The idea of Miss World beauty show does create by late Eric Morley. And the first edition of the Miss World beauty pageant held …

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Latest Indian Saree Styles In 2017

Latest Indian Saree Styles In 2017

Saree styles are usually made with two types of materials one is cotton and one is silk. Designer Silk sarees are very light and comfortable to wear. And women use these fancy sarees regularly every day for casual performances. As well as silk sarees are very attractive and provide a …

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