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3 Herbal Teas To Get You Through Your Day

3 Herbal Teas To Get You Through Your Day

A great way of improving your well-being is to get into habit of drinking herbal teas daily. The following recipes are for dried herb mixtures that can be made into the teas. All dried herb mixtures should be stored in the airtight jars away from light — they will keep at their best for up to the year this way. To make tea, mix 1 to 2 teaspoons of the dried herb mixture into a attack of boiling water and leave to impart for the several minutes. Once teas are made, they should be consumed immediately for the best results.3 Herbal Teas To Get You Through Your Day

Sleepy Tea

This tea will calm a wide-awake mind.


  • Passionflower – ¾ oz
  • Valerian – 2 oz
  • lemon balm – ¾ oz
  • lavender – ½ oz
  • Makes: 4-oz. herb mixture

Method: Drink a mug of sleepy tea ½ an hour before bed every night.

Anti-Stress Tea


  • lemon balm – ¾ oz
  • wood betony – ¾ oz
  • oatstraw – ¾ oz
  • skullcap – ¾ oz
  • vervain – ¾ oz
  • lavender – ¼ oz

Makes: 4-oz. herb mixture

3 Herbal Teas To Get You Through Your DayMethod: Drink 1-3 mugs daily, with honey to sweeten, if required.

Quick Wake Up

Get going without caffeine


  • 1 mug of rosemary tea (made by infusing 1 teaspoon dried rosemary in 1 mug of boiling water for 10 minutes, then straining)
  • cayenne pepper – ½ tsp.

Makes: Makes 1 mug. Drink immediately.

Method: Stir the cayenne pepper into warm rosemary tea and drink. You are off
Photo credit: MacBeales / Source / CC BY-ND

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